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March 11, 2020

What Is A Legal Mechanical Bull Operator 

In the state of California to operate mechanical rides of any sort you need to be in compliance with state rules and regulations and be certified ANNUALLY as well as purchase the mechanical devices that are permitted in the state, or you are illegally operating.

FUN FACT!!! Central Coast Party Factory is the ONLY LEGAL and INSURED Operator on the Central Coast for Mechanical Bulls in our service area! 

How is this possible since there are numerous people advertising mechanical bull operations on the Central Coast? 

Did you know only American Made Bulls can be insured? This is due to the lack of quality and safety features on Mechanical Bulls made outside of the United States. Most bulls owned are made in China and Mexico and are used by illegal operators as they are only a fraction of the cost of American Bulls. Also the state only verifies bulls for public events, so anytime there is a need on public property you should only have a legal operator or you open yourself to tremendous liability.


Fair question by many folks and here is the answer. These illegal operators generally are not businesses or people that have any assets of any real value so if something is to happen YOU ARE LIABLE. You have to remember they are already using an unsafe device that is not legal to operate in the state, so if an accident occurs and someone is injured they will pack up, leave, and you will never hear from them again. Did you know due to the number of claims your home insurance may have added a new clause exempting themselves from inflatable and mechanical devices on your property, especially those operated without proper insurance or legal operation? This has been occurring over the last few years in insurance policies. WHICH MEANS YOU CAN BE SUED AND LOSE YOUR HOME!

So when you see a mechanical operator that offers bounce houses say they are insured, they may be for their bounce houses, but not their mechanical bull as there are only a few models in the USA that can be insured. 


There are a few ways.

1. Simplest is calling the State Department at (916) 263-3511 if they aren't known by the state they are an illegal operator.

2. The State Inspects the Mechanical Bull for compliance then places an Identification Sticker on the Mechanical to show verification it was inspected. Feel free to send us a picture of the sticker if the device brought to your party and we can let you know if that is what the state issued that year in case it is after hours. 805.836.2414

3. Knowing the manufacturer, if the company doesn't know the manufacturer it is a sign it isn't a legal bull. You can also go and verify a picture of the bull online and if what shows up isn't that bull they brought to your party it is illegal.

4. How the operator runs their rental. There are a number of guidelines companies follow to operate legally and when they spend as much money as they do to operate legally they wont cut corners. 


We understand everyone wants to save a few dollars during their party, but these illegal operators are only charging a few dollars less per hour for a rental and in some instances even charging more than an insured rental, but they could cost you thousands of dollars if something does occur. We encourage everyone to do their homework, but we will help here by letting every renter know that on the California Central Coast that we serve the region for THERE ARE NO OTHER LEGAL MECHANICAL BULL RENTALS other than CENTRAL COAST PARTY FACTORY!

Give us a call today 805.836.2414 



October 25, 2017

How Important is a Clean Bounce House? 

First impressions last a lifetime and that is no different when a bounce house is delivered to your next party. Aside from the aesthetically displeasing reality that a dirty bounce house may bring there are so many more important issues and consequences of a dirty bounce house. The first line that comes to mind when thinking about a bounce house is that old motherly adage "you don't know where that's been!" we are like a child considering putting that piece of candy in our mouth after it hits the ground, but there is no five second rule with a bounce house.

So many questions come to mind when you see a bounce house, like how old is this thing? Does it have a basketball hoop? Is Blues Clues still a thing? When was this thing last cleaned? Who was in there last? Does this company ever clean and sanitize? Really, do they? Was this really worth X amount of dollars? Then you realize you haven't even seen the inside let's skip the horror stories of what could have happened inside of the bounce house and the Valentine's candy found at Halloween, or candy cane in July, but let's get to the questions you can ask when the bounce house is delivered, or even better before you make the reservation.

Questions to ask before renting or entering a bounce house 

 1. Do you clean and sanitize your bounce houses?

2. How frequently do you clean the bounce house units?

3. Do you clean inside and out of the bounce house?

4. What do you do if a bad accident occurs inside the bounce house?

5. When was the last time this unit was cleaned?

6. What types of products do you use for cleaning your bounce houses?

Just by posing some or all of these questions you will have a better idea of if this is a company you want to work with. You can also get a better feel for a company if at delivery even if the bounce house appears clean the delivery person stills comes in, wipes down, and touches up the bounce house. There should be a pride for cleanliness of what is being delivered as there are numerous health concerns that can be tied to unclean bounce houses. Remember knowledge is power and you are paying for a service, so don't be afraid to ask the important questions!



September 28, 2017 


 Trying to save a few dollars could cost you a fortune.


Most of us are always preparing for the next family get together or BBQ, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, graduation, quincenera, holiday, work, or nowadays any kind of party where kids will be attending. What is generally at the center of the decision making…? A BOUNCE HOUSE, that great addition that entertains the kids, while keeping them in a centered location, so adults can enjoy a party with the peace of mind the kids are safe and having fun.

Now after inquiring with clients what is at the core of their decision making for a bounce house rental company, guess what? Price leads the way by a drastic margin, followed by cleanliness and then variety. The problem with that thinking is even though the nature of the bounce house industry is dealing with kids it very much unregulated and the quality of the bounce houses and validity of how an individual operates isn’t really questioned.

DID YOU KNOW? Only in recent years have bounce houses in California been made with LEAD FREE materials? There is no training or regulations for proper safety precautions to be taken by a bounce house owner to properly run their business. With a market flooded by Chinese Bounce Houses quality and prices of units have dropped, where a bounce house business can purchase two to three inferiorly made Chinese units for the cost of one American made quality bounce house?

Putting all of these potential pitfalls together did you also know most bounce house companies are ran by individuals who aren’t a legitimate business or that have any type of insurance? You ask yourself why would I pay $100 to rent a bounce house when there are five other people renting theirs for $50-$70? Let me tell you why that $30-$50 could save you thousands of dollars or in some cases even your home.

When someone comes to deliver a bounce house as soon as they step on your property you are liable if they step in a hole and break their ankle, setup the bounce house, and until they leave you are taking responsibility for them. Also when they leave you are taking responsibility for their bounce house and anything that might occur. Maybe there was a tear from their last party or it just a cheaply made or old bounce house where they could save a few dollars on the purchase now busts open and your guests and your kids are hurt, at no fault of your own. Who is responsible?

In these illegitimate bounce house owners minds’ you and your homeowners insurance policy are! Did you know some homeowners insurance policies have exceptions for trampolines and bounce houses and most that don’t will only cover your guests, not you and your family members? What happens to your kids? Your family? What if someone sues? How are you going to pay the deductible? Do you think that Chinese Made bounce house has an insurance policy for defects? Did your bounce house rental company have insurance? The thought of these people offering bounce house rentals is that you can sign a liability waiver and no matter what happens they are free and clear and you are the one left carrying the liability, and more than likely they will be seeking damages from you to replace their bounce house.

To answer why someone would operate without insurance and even worse with inferior quality products is simple. They see a quick way to make money and the average renter of a bounce house isn’t any wiser. At Central Coast Party Factory we carry insurance for all of our bounce houses and have committed to buying ONLY AMERICAN MADE bounce houses and inflatables. Your kids safety and your families’ peace of mind is worth the extra cost.

What is a quick way to see who has insurance without taking them at just their word? Visit your city or county parks approved bounce house vendor list and I can almost guarantee if a company’s name isn’t on that list, or their listing is expired, they aren’t insured. Also ask if you can pay with a credit, or debit card, or write a check to their business name. These are telltale signs that a business is operating legitimately.

Stay Safe and Happy Bouncing! More Blogs coming soon at




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